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Program overview

The Pittsburg State University Ready Program works with school districts within Crawford and Jefferson Counties to create opportunities for high school students to get a jump-start on their college education.

With Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (CEP), freshman (identified as gifted with a current IEP), sophomore, junior, and senior students may enroll in selected college classes offered at their high school. These classes are offered during the normal school day and are taught by approved high school teachers, so students who are ready for college-level learning are able to conveniently participate and receive college credit before they graduate.



The goals of the PSU Ready Program include providing selected, eligible high school students the opportunity for concurrent enrollment and the chance to get a head start on their college careers, as well as offering high school and college faculty opportunities for collaborative professional development.

PSU Ready Program



This spring we did not get to host our PSU Ready Teacher Appreciation Dinner on April 29, 2020 as planned, but we do want to share our appreciation to all of the teachers, faculty, and administrators who help support this wonderful program. Pittsburg State University offers concurrent/dual credit courses to the following seven high schools.

Frontenac High School
Jim Bowman - Communication
Tracy Comstock - English
Dan Eckstein - Math
Jamie Wood - Psychology
Jennifer Niederklein - Counselor
Mike Copple - Principal

Girard High School
Christen Jackson - Math
Mark McFarland - History
Kayla Pruitt - English
Terry Wunder - Communication
Marilyn Hey - Counselor
Todd Ferguson - Principal

Northeast High School
Dustin Glynn - Math
Shari Miller - English
Beth Gabern - Counselor
Rus Cramer - Principal

Oskaloosa High School
Samantha Avery - English and Communication
Stephanie Newell - Biology
Rhonda Sayles - Counselor
Brad Jones - Principal

Pittsburg High School
Linda Barberich - English
Marjorie Griffin - History
Julie Laflen - Communication
Rebecca Lomshek - Math
Kristy Uttley - English
Gary Wolgamott - History
Gina Ulbrich - Counselor
Kelynn Heardt - Principal

Southeast High School
Ellen Harrington - English
Kaci Coots - Counselor
Larry Malle - Principal

St. Mary's Colgan High School
Audrey Dickey - English
Donna Maus - Biology
David Newcomb - Math
Katy Brown - Counselor
Wes Streeter - Principal



B. B. Stotts
Phone: 620-235-4181

1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Terms and Definitions
  • General Guidelines
  • Transferring Credits

The PSU Ready program guidelines are subject to interpretation of applicable provisions within the following:

  • K.S.A. 2000 Supp. 72-11a05: The Kansas Challenge to Secondary School Pupils Act.
  • KBOR Policy and Procedures IV.8: Concurrent Enrollment of High School Students in Eligible Public Postsecondary Institutions. (6-11-08)

Copies of these materials may be obtained by contacting the PSU Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (CEP)- "[A]greement means a written memorandum of understanding between an eligible postsecondary institution and a school district for the purpose of offering college-level learning to students who have been accepted for concurrent enrollment partnership in off-campus classes at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach college credit classes during the normal school day." (KBOR IV.8.b vii)

PSU Ready- A concurrent enrollment partnership in which eligible high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors (or 9th grade students identified as gifted with a current IEP) may enroll in selected college classes offered at, and in cooperation with, the high school. Students must be non-degree seeking at the time of concurrent enrollment.

CEP Building Administrator- Serves as the administrative contact at the secondary school site.

CEP Building Representative- An individual, typically a counselor, designated to be the initial point of contact for the PSU Ready program at the secondary school site.

CEP Instructor- A qualified and approved high school instructor at the secondary school site teaching a PSU Ready course.

CEP Liaison- The PSU Director of Graduate and Continuing Studies has been designated the academic liaison for PSU Ready courses.

Concurrent Enrollment Pupil-"[M]eans a person who is enrolled in classes at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach college credit classes during the normal school day, who is either grades 10, 11, 12, or a 9th grade student identified as gifted with a current Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and is acceptable or has been accepted for enrollment at an eligible postsecondary institution." (KBOR IV.8.b.i.)

Syllabus- Course Syllabus is designed to provide course information, expectations, grading rationale, etc.

On-Campus Classes- Classes taught by PSU faculty on the PSU campus or one of the PSU satellite sites.

Secondary School Site- A public school accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (or a private school accredited by North Central or established in partnership with PSU). PSU reserves the right to determine partnership eligibility.

  1. The student's public school district, accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (or private school accredited by North Central; or established partnership with PSU CEP prior to July 1, 2010) must have a signed concurrent enrollment partnership agreement with the college. PSU reserves the right to determine partnership eligibility.
  2. Students wishing to enroll under the PSU Ready program must visit with their high school counselor and complete necessary paperwork including a PSU Application for Admission and a PSU Ready Enrollment Form.
  3. Prior to enrollment, students must complete the college assessment process as outlined in the current enrollment information provided by the secondary school site.
  4. Classes will be held on the secondary school site during the normal school day.
  5. PSU Ready classes will be taught by qualified and approved secondary school site faculty who, for the purpose of the PSU Ready program, shall remain employees of their respective district. 
  6. Classes will be part of each participating faculty member's regular high school teaching load.
  7. PSU Ready classes must adhere to the number of contact hours on a per-semester basis required by the KBOR for university classes. (PSU Ready classes may exceed the minimum contact hour requirement.)
  8. Classes will be equivalent to classes offered on the college campus as prescribed in the individual college course outline and other documentation. Additional objectives, competencies, or material beyond those specified in the course outline may be included in the curriculum and may be appended to the course syllabus.
  9. Courses may be considered for approval in response to requests from the secondary school site.

Accreditation- PSU is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association, 312-263-0456.

College Transcripts- If you would like official copies of your college transcripts sent to other colleges and universities, you must complete a PSU transcript request form below:


Eligibility for transfer articulation is dependent on and subject to meeting the criteria set by the Kansas Board of Regents. Universities reserve the right to decide the applicability of transfer course work to a degree program. Acceptance of transfer credit toward major degree requirements is at the discretion of the university. A transfer equivalency guide can be found at the following link:


We currently have transfer equivalency listings for the following international colleges:

Help University College / Inti International Univ College / KDU College / Nilai International College / Rima College / Taylor's College

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